Preventative Care

Long Lasting Oral Health

Long-term relationships are important to us and therefore we invite all members of your family to be part of our practice. From a young child who wants to have positive dental visits to a senior citizen wanting to enjoy optimal oral health, we enjoy treating all ages.

Our focus is on you and what you value for your personal dental health. We believe it is possible for all patients to feel good about going to the dentist and keep their teeth for a lifetime.

Regular Visits to Keep Your Teeth Strong and Healthy

We strongly encourage existing and new patients alike to visit us at least twice a year for teeth cleaning, gum analysis, and other routine check-ups that ensure your oral health. Hygiene visits are typically completed in about an hour and can ensure your teeth are healthy year after year!

Healthy Gums are Just as Important as Your Teeth!

Healthy gums are the foundation of a healthy smile. Gum disease (periodontitis) is the number one cause of tooth loss and over 30% of U.S. adults suffer from it. Unlike some other diseases, gum disease usually is not painful until it is at an advanced stage. We will measure and document the condition of your gums, recommend appropriate tools and techniques for optimal home care and work with you to ensure your gums provide the healthiest foundation possible for your smile.

X-Rays to Verify Jaw Integrity

Your oral health goes much deeper than the visible surfaces of your teeth. Therefore, we develop a plan for each patient based on individual risk factors for appropriate dental x-rays. Using this tool, we can assess not only your teeth, but the supporting structures of your jaws and your jaw joints. This customized plan allows for the identification and diagnosis of any issues in a timely fashion so that the most conservative treatments can be used.

Dental Sealants

A Simple and Effective Way to Prevent Cavities

Thorough brushing and flossing help remove food particles and plaque (the white chalky stuff that accumulates on teeth) from smooth surfaces of teeth. But toothbrush bristles cannot reach all the way into the depressions and grooves of the posterior teeth to extract food and plaque. Dental sealants are an effective way to protect against cavities in teeth that are at risk for these problems. A sealant placement will effectively keep food and debris out of these cracks and allow for easier cleaning of the teeth. Sealants are normally indicated for the chewing surfaces of posterior teeth (premolars and molars) which are more prone to have cavities and tooth decay on their biting surfaces.

It takes only a few minutes to seal each tooth. Before placement of the sealant, the tooth is properly cleaned. Then the chewing surfaces are roughened with an acidic solution to help the sealant adhere to the tooth structure. Next, the sealant is 'painted' onto the biting surface of the tooth where it bonds directly to the tooth structure. A special curing light is used to help the sealant harden. With the sealant in place, food can no longer hide in the small cracks and valleys of your teeth.

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