When we see your child for their regular preventative hygiene visits and teeth cleaning we’ll also evaluate their tooth eruption pattern to determine if orthodontics would be indicated. Most children and teens that require orthodontics have teeth erupting faster than their jaws are growing. Therefore, the most common sign for an orthodontic referral is crowded teeth or misaligned permanent teeth.

Although we do treat some adult orthodontic conditions with the Invisalign technique we refer all children to orthodontists when treatment is indicated.

We work with orthodontists in the Grandville, Jenison, Wyoming, and Grand Rapids metropolitan area that are skilled in the early treatment techniques of orthodontics. We work together with them to ensure your child will obtain the best aesthetic results that will enhance their facial structures and provide the foundation for a lifetime of stable, strong, beautiful teeth.

Not all children need early treatment, or two phase treatment, but many do. For those children who have clear indications for early intervention, early treatment presents the opportunity to:

  • Improve aesthetics and self-esteem at an earlier age.
  • Influence jaw growth and tooth eruption in a positive manner.
  • Lower the risk of trauma to protruded upper incisors.
  • Correct harmful oral habits.
  • Simplify and/or shorten treatment time for later corrective orthodontics providing the best, most stable results.
  • Improve some speech problems.

Of course, many children who need braces are older than age 7, and we will ensure that the appropriate treatment is recommend at the most ideal time in their development and growth.