Professionally dispensed take-home whitening trays are very a very effective bleaching alternative. If you have the patience and discipline to wear the trays on a regular basis for up to four weeks you’ll likely see great results.

We will see you for an initial appointment to make molds of your teeth and fabricate custom fit bleaching trays that resemble sports mouthguards. We custom fit the trays to ensure proper fit and avoid irritation to the gums, lips and cheeks. The custom fit tray also ensures that the gel is placed in the most ideal location on the teeth to yield the best results.

We will instruct you in the placement of the gel and encourage you to wear the trays for 2-3 twenty minute intervals each night. The combination of Zoom in-office whitening, followed by the at home maintenance of custom made trays is the best way to achieve fast, reliable and long- lasting results.