Trish and Michael

My husband and I found Dr. Crete through 1-800-DENTIST when we moved to Michigan in 2004. We quickly learned that Dr. Crete and his staff were exactly what we were looking for. My husband, who has had a fear of dentists since childhood, felt very relaxed and comfortable with Dr. Crete. We found his staff to be very compassionate.

We also like Dr. Crete’s philosophy in that he doesn’t just treat the problem; he looks at any underlying dental issues and determines why the problem exists. Dr. Crete then discusses, very thoroughly, with his patients his plan to fix the problem. He is upfront and honest and truly cares about his patient’s overall dental health.

Another thing we like about Dr. Crete’s practice is that he doesn’t shortcut procedures. He takes the time to do it right the first time! I personally found it very convenient that Dr. Crete is trained in the Invisalign clear braces technique so I didn’t have to see an orthodontist to straighten my crooked teeth.

My husband and I moved out of Michigan in 2006, but trust Dr. Crete and his staff so profoundly that we make the 6 hour drive from our current home to Dr. Crete for all our dental needs.