Jami Longo, RDH

Jami is a graduate of the dental hygiene program at Grand Rapids Community College and has also earned her advanced certification in local anesthesia. She is an excellent clinician, and is very passionate about coaching patients on what it takes to maintain healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. Jami has been a part of the Rivertown Dental team since 2011 and is keenly interested in ensuring that her patients maintain optimum dental health. You’ll find her coaching you on the latest tips for preventing gum disease and how important it is to be preventative in your overall dental care.

Jami and her husband Casey were married during the summer of 2014. They have two beautiful children, Grayson and Simone. They enjoy spending time with their friends and family.

Jami Says: "I love working with the team at Rivertown Dental Associates. I feel it is truly an honor to be part of a group of professionals who are so passionate about what they do and have such solid core values. Dr. Hahn is an amazing dentist. Not only does he have the skills to perform some of the most amazing cosmetic dental procedures, but he genuinely cares about our patients’ and staff’s well-being. I look forward to many years on this team and to watching the next generation of patients grow up."